Record Level Get Override

You might wish to control what data is sent to QBO on a record-by-record basis by whatever logic your business requires. This section describes an example of that using the Customer table.


Each table in LedgerLink ( and any table in your solution that you wish to sync ) has two fields that have the prefix "qbo_":

  • qbo_id - this stores the record's matching QBOId. It is either manually populated by a user or set during a Set script...or both. You might want to map existing data to QBO and that is why you'd manually populate the qbo_id field.
  • qbo_send - this field answers the question, "Does this record need to be sent to QBO?" If it is true, then it will be gathered by the sync process.

Therefore, if you want to NOT send a record to QBO, you can change the calculation defined in the qbo_send field to further define what is True. This is an auto-enter calc that will reevaluate anytime the record is modified. The sync processes will set this field to False.

Example: Don't Send Customers that aren't Taxable

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